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All inclusive memberships from £22.50 per month (74p per day). Take advantage of an annual membership and receive 2 months free + no price joining fee

Membership Price list 

All Inclusive

One Off Joining Fee

Single Monthly
Joint Monthly
Single Annual
Joint Annual
Single Concession Monthly
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Membership Information

Our All inclusive memberships give you unlimited access to classes ran by Wellness@Harton Sports Centre and unlimited fitness suite usage (within our opening hours).

Concession Prices apply to: Over 60′s, People who are on Job Seekers Allowance and Full-Time Students.
No minimum term contracts on all Monthly memberships – Just 30 days written notice required.

Single Gym Sessions

Standard one-off session: £5.00
Concession one-off session: £4.00

Single Class Session

Single fitness class session: £4.00

Caroline Bullock - Caroline has earned her place as class member of the year not only because of her has work but her insane 181 classes in 2013!
Paul Clark - gym member of the year |During 2013 – Burnt 86641kcal (lost over 3 stone) | Lifted 3117811kg (8.8 Blue Wale’s) | Traveled 1300kn (not including the Rowing Machine. Cangratulations Caroline and Paul keep up the hart work

Tony Wakefield – Joined 4/11/2006 | During 2012 – Burnt 22500kcal (over 6 lbs of fat) | Lifted 2343498kg (5.9 Boeing 747′s) | Traveled 609.4km (not including the Rowing Machine). Congratulations Tony keep up the hard work.

Derek Bohill – Joined 1/12/2005 | During 2011 – Burnt 34398kcal (13.8 lbs of fat) | Lifted 920909kg (153.5 Tyrannosaurus Rex’s) | Traveled 536.4km (not including the Rowing Machine). Congratulations Derek keep up the hard work.